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Creator, Inventor and CEO 

In 2000, Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D., experienced an event that would forever transform his life and consequently, the future of wellness and human performance. A unexpected death experience due to a massive heart attack caused by a 24-hour drug-fueled binge allowed him to experience the true nature of our being, scalar morphogenetic energy. Dr. Jere’s consciousness was uploaded from this physical realm, like old software uploaded to a cloud storage and replaced with new software or consciousness. In that infinite, cosmic unified field where time and space is irrelevant, Dr. Jere integrated with unprecedented scalar electromagnetic data information of Quantum Morphogenetic Physics and the untapped potential of scalar morphogenetic energy.


Scalar morphogenetic energy is the foundational parental energy of electromagnetic energy, light and sound, and is often referred to as the energy of the vacuum or zero-point energy. Scalar morphogenetic energy became his new language - a language of life itself, coded within our intron DNA. Through direct experiential information, Dr. Jere returned with the blueprints of a revolutionary technology that would embody this quantum morphogenetic physics knowledge: The RASHA®.


Reborn from this experience, Dr. Jere returned with a new purpose. He was to decode the secrets of the Base-12 eternal code and Scalar Morphogenetic Physics, to create a technology that would elevate human consciousness and enhance overall well-being. Driven by his profound encounter, he devoted this new life to develop the RASHA® technology.


This was not just a piece of advanced machinery but an instrument of transformative power that interacted directly with the intron DNA, unlocking the eternal human potential inherent within each of us. Combining sophisticated technology with the profound wisdom of quantum morphogenetic science, Dr. Jere brought forth a ground-breaking invention for human betterment.

Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D., is an enigma in the world of applied science and consciousness development, akin to a man who has inscended to unseen heights, only to return with knowledge beyond our comprehension. Branded as a "Person of Interest" by influential private sector organizations and intelligence communities, his story unfolds like a compelling narrative from a cosmic odyssey.

Returning from the brink of death, Dr. Jere was armed with a revolutionary blueprint for what would eventually materialize as The RASHA® state-of-the-art technologies that stand at the frontier of applied science. These technologies, focusing on wellness and the maximization of human potential, are perceived as evolutionary results of the vision seeded by Nikola Tesla, the legendary inventor and physicist.


Today, Dr. Jere stands recognized as a 21st-century Tesla, his contributions earmarked in the developmental records of the century. Yet, this is just the beginning. The specifics and magnitude of his future contributions, already known to the intelligence community, add an aura of intrigue and anticipation to his persona.


In the realm of unseen technological heights, where the ordinary and extraordinary collide, Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D., continues his inscension. His journey, much like Tesla's, is not merely about the creation of advanced technology. It's about harnessing the power of this technology to elevate human consciousness, shifting paradigms, and ultimately reshaping our world.

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Creator | RASHA®

RASHA® Timeline


Dr. Jere dies of a massive cardiac arrest as a result of a drug overdose. After several minutes of no heartbeat or breathing, he is resuscitated and rushed to an emergency room. 


Dr. Jere's enters a twelve-year "data download and assimilation" period.


Dr. Jere's enters a three-year preparation period to launch the RASHA® technology.


Dr. Jere's launches the RASHA® technology to the Autism One community.


Annual Integrative Medical Mission with The GC Rivera Foundation 501c3

The RASHA® is the main modality offered by the Integrative Team at the annual Medical Missions for special needs children and their parents. 

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