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BioRegenesis is a term that refers to a set of morphogenetic scalar energy techniques and technologies that assist individuals in reclaiming their original Base-12 Evolutionary Human Blueprint.


BioRegenesis is achieved via accelerating consciousness-coherence through

reprogramming the intron DNA, organic activation of the Universal Kundalini and Source Frequencies, Base-12 Sha’Ka’Ra (Chakra) system, and Base-12 Merkaba vehicle.

What is BioRegenesis? 

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define bioregenesis

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The RASHA is derived from a large body of information known as Base-12 Quantum Morphogenetic Physics/Science. Dr. Jere Rivera Dugenio, Ph.D.

is devoted to sharing this paradigm-shifting knowledge of

First Creation Mechanics, Consciousness-Coherence, and BioRegenesis.  

Check out the JERE UNFILTERED podcast to dive deeper into the world of Multidimensional Unified Field Physics. The Disruptive Disclosure Series spans multiple seasons and covers a wide range of Base-12 information and history.

Uncover the truth about the cosmic drama that is currently still playing out. 

BioRegenesis Academy was created for Highly-Coded Adepts who want to experience and remember the most advanced and sophisticated

Base-12 information available on the planet. 

Dare to Prepare your physical body for Eternal-Life Inscension or

Organic Bhardoah process with Eternal-Life Techniques, DNA Activations,

and Multidimensional Unified Field Physics.  


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