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What is BioRegenesis? 

BioRegenesis" is the Base-12 Eternal-Human term for the finite-life word "biohacking," which deals with the finite, mortal human body.

Why "biohack" a finite, mortal body when you can attain your true, eternal-human potential through "BioRegenesis."


BioRegenesis is the process aimed at stimulating dormant intron potential DNA strands, thus potentially unlocking the extraordinary eternal-human abilities, including the capacity to self-heal and materialize at will.

BioRegenesis is the next evolution beyond biohacking, which is the OLD paradigm. Welcome to the new paradigm of Base-12 Eternal human potential!


define bioregenesis


Message from Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D.

The RASHA® technology is firmly rooted in the profound body of knowledge known as Base-12 Quantum Morphogenetic Physics.

As a dedicated pioneer in this field, I am committed to advancing our understanding of First Creation Mechanics, Consciousness-Coherence, and BioRegenesis. These foundational principles are essential for evolving our comprehension of the universe and our place within it.

To delve deeper into these transformative concepts, I invite you to tune into the JERE UNFILTERED podcast. Our Disruptive Disclosure Series, spanning multiple seasons, offers an extensive exploration of Base-12 knowledge and historical insights, revealing the ongoing cosmic drama that unfolds across dimensions.

For the Highly-Coded Adepts eager to immerse themselves in the most advanced Base-12 information available on Earth, the BioRegenesis Academy provides a unique opportunity. Our specialized Eternal-Life Techniques, DNA Activations, and Quantum Morphogenetic Field Physics prepare your physical body for Eternal-Life Inscension or the Organic Bhardoah process.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery and transformation. Embrace the knowledge and practices that will elevate your consciousness and align you with the eternal flow of life.


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