Inert Noble Gases 

Inert noble gases are gases that belong to Group VIII of the periodic table (also known as the "noble" gases) and they have a distinct characteristic in that they will not react under normal circumstances with other chemicals such as metal or acid. This is what distinguishes them as inert gases. The inert gases that are normally used are the following:
Helium (He)
Neon (Ne)
Argon (Ar)
Krypton (Kr)
Xenon (Xe)
Radon (Rn)

Radon is not used in our device as it is radioactive, and therefore considered dangerous. We use a unique proprietary gas mix blend.

​The gases are obtained by fractional distillation of air. This is achieved by cooling air to a very cold temperature. The air liquefies, and then its temperature is slowly raised. Since each of the inert gases has its own unique boiling point, each one can be pulled off and purified. In nature, inert gases are found primarily in the atmosphere. We are breathing them right now. The rarest of the inert gases is Xenon. It is found at an incredibly low level - less than 1 part per ten million in the atmosphere.

While most other planets with atmospheres have a greater concentration of xenon, much of it was removed from the Earth’s atmosphere in the past for the purpose of deliberate life-shortening and the cessation of most of xenon’s natural regenerative capabilities in humans. In the ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets, they describe humans who lived for several thousand years, perhaps when xenon (Xe) was in higher concentrations in the atmosphere (3% according to ancient wisdom about Lemuria). Xenon interacting with Earth's gravitational field and electric field high up in the atmosphere and, of course, Earth's subtle magnetic field nearer the ground, enabled a low level Xenon energy to be released constantly on the planet in this historic period.


Inert Gas and Aether Theory

Inert-gas therapy is based on the concept that space is filled with energy and information (scalar energy), contrary to what modern science believes. This pre-substance is called aether, which is exists throughout all of manifest creation.

The actual mechanism and explanation for the resulting MSE (magnetic scalar energy) field emitted from our RASHA device is that the pulsed electromagnetic frequencies excites the inert gas atom (AKA excitation) to such a vibrational/oscillation rate that it accesses and "unveils" the morphogenetic scalar field (aether).

In the late 19th century and early 20th, it was postulated that the aether is the space between all things and its behavior was more like fluid rather than empty space. Recent advances in physics with string theory and quantum physics allow physicists to postulate that the space between all things is "dark matter" and does behave very much like a fluid. To further understand this theory, please take a review Dark Matter Template and the Cosmic Multidimensional Body Anatomy.

Inert Noble Gases: Practical Applications

Anecdotal research has found a correlation between patients exposed to a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with xenon and regeneration of tissues. The human body is capable of mending broken bones, healing open wounds, eliminating pathogens and regenerating scar tissue to normal skin. The body is capable of self-healing and self-regeneration but in order to reclaim this innate ability, we must morphogenetically realign with our original, morphogenetic perpetual-life blueprint.

In case study #1, a patient had a worn hip joint that had a negative thought form attached to it. The thought form was eliminated using krypton gas, and then regeneration was undertaken using xenon gas to restructure and repair the worn or missing tissues in a relatively short time (bones and teeth take the longest times to regenerate up to 6 months). 

Ideally, xenon is mixed with various other gases to focus on particular parts of the body. One Anecdotal researcher has worked with several people who have regrown missing teeth. The combination includes Neon and Helium with the Xenon. There are some cases of people who have regenerated hips and improved their backs. 


- Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore - A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983

Anecdotal evidence suggests that krypton seems to improve psychic abilities and individuals exposed to it regularly will notice activations in the 6th chakra region between the eyebrows. It has been indicated that krypton might be helpful for epilepsy. There have been several anecdotal cases that achieved success. 

In case #1, an epileptic female reduced her level of Dilantin by 50%.

In  case #2, a man was able to titrate off Dilantin completely, and has had no seizures in two years. Both these cases were achieved through use of a structured inert gas homeopathic remedy which was made up to 3x potency.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that krypton seems to improve brain function, memory and concentration. It harmonises the psychic level with the conscious level. Since epilepsy appears to be an out-of-phase condition between the different lobes of the brain, Krypton's ability to enhance brain function would certainly seem to help.

As well as being able to transmute negative thought forms, the result with Argon and Krypton together tends to be meditative in quality. Together they can clear the energy in a room (a type of morphogenetic field clearing) and can enhance the ability of telepathy. 

Krypton by itself activates psychic abilities and the ability to perceive multidimensionally. 


- Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore - A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983

Anecdotal research into the morphogenetic energy field surrounding Neon suggests an alternative option in dealing with lower abdominal issues NOT originating from a bacteria, fungus or virus. 

Lower Abdominal Issues
Anecdotal evidence has shown when an 8 ounce glass of water (preferably non-carbonated) structured with neon from a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with neon for a period of 15 minutes is consumed, symptoms related to the specific health condition can be transmuted. Note, neon appears to have a grounding affect due to its connection to grounding energy.

Anecdotal research reveals interesting observations with people suffering from various viruses, including cytomegalo virus (CMV) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS). With the inert gas Neon, it appears to create some beneficial effect by increasing energy to  the immune system.

The human reproductive system also appears to receive benefits from neon. In cases with individuals having difficulty with conception, using a combination of Neon with Xenon enhances the functionality of the cellular regenerative system of the body. This affects both women and men and their ability to become pregnant. 


- Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore - A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983

Anecdotal research into the morphogenetic energy field surrounding Helium suggests high efficacy in dealing with migraine headaches caused by stress. Secondary practical applications were found in the areas of insomnia, increasing vital energy, and healing bodily trauma from bruises and sprains, 

Anecdotal evidence has shown when an 8 ounce glass of water (preferably non-carbonated) structured with helium from a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with helium for a period of 15 minutes is consumed, within 30 minutes, if the headache is stress related, it will dissipate. Repeat this technique if the headache persists. 

Increased Energy
Anecdotal evidence has shown that drinking water structured with helium produces an increase in vital energy. 

Anecdotal evidence has shown that exposure to a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with helium placed near or under neath a bed helps the body's autonomic nervous system shift into parasympathetic causing deeper sleep state. A deeper, sleep state allows the body to repair itself faster, Furthermore, depending upon the distance from the bed, exposure to a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with helium appears to accelerate the repair of bodily trauma such as sprains, dislocations, bruises, etc.


- Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore - A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983

Anecdotal research into the use of Argon (combined with Krypton) have revealed high efficacy in the transmutation of negative thought forms. Utilising argon with a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with only argon seems to assist with our own understanding of self-empowerment,  improved sleep and journeying out-oaf-the-body.

Negative Thought Forms
Thought is an attribute of consciousness, the filter through which consciousness manifest itself into the "hologram of form". Manifest relate is thought projection, made solid and externalised by relationships between the frequencies of our focus of attention and those of the projected thought forms. Reality is thought construction. 

Thoughts are scalar energy patterns that we create every time we think a thought due to the fact that our brain is a scalar interferometer.**  In realising the power of thought as the power of creation of scalar standing wave grids, negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, jealousy, hate, sadness, grief, etc. will create that morphogenetic field pattern in the human body causing vibrational discord or dis-sease. 



- Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore - A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983

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