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the RASHA Guardian Series

The RASHA Guardian Series is the newest evolution of the JERE UNFILTERED Podcast,

by Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio Ph.D.,  Inventor of The RASHA Technology.

The RASHA Guardian Series is an explorative interview concept designed to highlight select RASHA Guardians who have truly embodied what it means to be in Service to Humanity.

As providers of our premier Consciousness-Coherence technology, featured Guardians share their accomplishments:

  • Organically Materializing Ideal Personal Holograms and Businesses;

  • RASHA Results and Success Stories;

  • Current Projects and Vision;

  • Advice to those who are considering becoming involved with The RASHA Mission in Service to Humanity.   

Dare to be Inspired.

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episode 2:

May 12th, 2023
Joe Marchal



Joe Marchal

Owner of RASHA International Sports Center (Las Vegas);
International Sports Center (Guam); RASHA Paradigm Collective (Las Vegas)


Dr. Jere and Team RASHA are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mr. Joe Marchal, as we enter the newest Launch of The RASHA Dome at 2 amazing Las Vegas Area locations!

RASHA International Sports Center
RASHA Paradigm Collective

In this Special Edition of Jere Unfiltered: Guardians Series, we introduce Guardian Joe Marchal…

Joe is a former Olympic Judo Team Member, Olympic Team and National Coach, Martial Arts Champion,  International Businessman,
Former International Investment Banker,
Owner of Las Vegas and Guam’s International Sports Center and
Las Vegas Paradigm Collective.

It’s never a dull moment around RASHA!

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episode 1:

April 12th, 2023
Dawn Aiken

Dawn Aiken

Dawn Aiken is a dual-certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist and Acute Care Cardiac Nurse Practitioner. Her experience as an active frontline provider in Idaho’s largest acute care hospital inspired her to establish Flourish Idaho Functional Medicine, whose sole focus is to reverse the devastating effects of disease. 


Dawn’s pioneering disease-reversing protocols have produced results that are unprecedented and utilize a combination of both Western and Functional Medicine, in addition to the world’s only BioRegenesis technology, The RASHA. 


In this Premier episode of JERE UNFILTERED: The RASHA Guardian Series, Dawn discusses her RASHA journey, shares her success stories, personal insights, and much more.  Don't miss this first installment in the newest evolution of the JERE UNFILTERED podcast.


Additionally, Dawn is the newest member of The RASHA Advisory Board. She brings her knowledge, experience, and intuition to The RASHA Mission.  Visit the Advisory Board link below to view Dawn's complete bio.

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