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BioRegenesis Center 
Cranford, New Jersey

The BioRegenesis Center is the first and only public center in the Tri-State Area offering the cutting edge technology known as The RASHA. Located in Cranford, New Jersey, the BioRegenesis Center is 30-minutes away from New York City and easily accessible through multiple different transportation options. Open 6-days a week, the BioRegenesis Center specializes in achieving results in a wide range of areas such as Autism, Addiction, Stress Relief/Relaxation, Depression, etc. Utilizing the new RASHA 360 Series, you can experience the power of the RASHA via an in-person Upgrade or a Remote-Online Upgrade in order to revitalize your consciousness and body. 

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RASHA x Luxury 

Jalisco, Mexico 

Residing alongside five kilometers of pristine Mexican coastline is the 30,000 acre Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve; within this oasis sits Cuixmala, recognized as being at the forefront of Luxury-Eco destination travel. Here the boundaries separating you from nature are dissolved, whilst being one of the most luxurious places to stay in the world.