RASHA Advisory Board


Robert Slovak, a degreed Mechanical and Astronautical Engineer, has over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, specializing in membrane separation technology and products. Robert and his late-brother, Jack Slovak, are considered the pioneers in reverse-osmosis water technology. He is the founder of Water and Wellness and is also responsible for bringing Original Quinton ​Marine Plasma water into North America. His career included a “significant contribution” to the POU (Point-of-Use) and commercial/institutional RO (Reverse Osmosis) industry, especially in the area of system design, application knowledge, and technical training.


Isso Kimura PhD., DDS.​ majored in Anatomy. As the driving force for holistic medicine and heavy metal detoxification in Japan, he has taught over 500 doctors his heavy metal detoxification method, “removal of safe amalgam by USRA method” (www.apollonstyle.com). He holds the highest record of mercury amalgam treatment in Japan. He is a founder of High concentration Vitamin C IV Therapy study group Japan. (http://ivc-org.com). He founded Rasha Institute Japan (www.therasha.jp), a research group organized by Japanese doctors applying quantum mechanics to medical care. He published Japanese book for Quinton marine therapy.(http://www.originalquinton.co.jp) Dr. Kimura is medical advisor of professional MMA and boxing.

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Dr. Carol Igel graduated with Honors in Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, and Surgical Studies in Italy; where, after her graduation studied and practiced Integrative Medicine in Europe for a decade. Following Italy, Dr. Carol created a successful noninvasive diagnostic practice in the United States which paved the way for her to discover advanced preventative and anti-aging approaches. Her key purpose in life is to help people who truly need it and work from the root cause up... consciously. Now with her new and advanced knowledge of scalar energy and frequency-based healing. She has been able to truly make a difference in people's lives on a traditional and conscious level.