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Base-12 Technology


Base-12 Scalar Morphogenetic Plasma Energy communication is not based on the limited perspective or laws of Newtonian physics; rather, it adheres to a much larger set of multidimensional morphogenetic field physics. 

Base-12 Scalar Morphogenetic Energy information (in the form of frequency) communicates to the DNA in its native language, impacting the cells on a quantum infrasound level, allowing for the reprogramming of the morphogenetic fields surrounding every cell, organ, and system, of the body. 

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RASHA® 720 triad



Source Particle Phasing

The entire genesis of Creation begins with the Source Particle and its ability to out-phase and in-phase, which occurs in a Triad or Tri-Veca structure. When the Source Particle out-phases, it oscillates and creates electric and light; when it contracts or in-phases, it creates magnetism and sound. These 3 spheres interacting, is the foundational process in which matter forms. 

The 3 coils, positioned in a Triad configuration within the dome of The RASHA®, are wound in a specific 1.414 (Source Spiral) ratio. When the Source Spiral coils are fed with our proprietary Base-12 frequencies, they pulse and interact with the specially formulated elemental plasma gasses, which are then excited and amplified by the 3 electrodes contained within the glass tube. The 3 coils are not just creating magnetism, but are opening the potentiality (via electric and magnetic energy) to access the Scalar Energy fields that surround every object and being. When powered on, The RASHA® mimics Source Particle phasing, which is the genesis from which all Creation emerges.

Materialization Process

The materialization process is what makes The RASHA® unlike any other technologies offered in the public sector. By utilizing Base-12 First Creation Mechanics, The RASHA® doesn’t just assist a user in manifesting, which is simply the intention to do so. Through accessing the Scalar Energy fields, The RASHA® allows the experiencer to actually MATERIALIZE the INTENTION or desire they wish to MANIFEST into 3-Dimensional reality.  

Unlike Any Other Technology

Any technology that is dealing with base-10 finite life mathematics cannot achieve true materialization, due to its inability to communicate within the language of our DNA, which is Base-12 Scalar Energy. The RASHA® 720 Triad is designed to communicate via the magnetic vector, also known as the major groove, which is located between the double helix of the DNA. When referencing modern western genetics, one will find that the major groove is the receiver of information and does so by way of magnetism.

Base-12 Encrypted Selenite Crystals

Placed inside the dome of The RASHA® are 3 Selenite crystals encrypted with the a Base-48 eternal fractal code. Selenite has always been utilized by Eternal-Life races to store information due to its purity, which is its main purpose for being incorporated into The RASHA® system. Providing a pure storage medium increases the potential for the Guardian and Experiencer to merge consciousness with The RASHA®. This merging of consciousness amplifies the INTENTION set by the Triad of RASHA®, Guardian, and Experiencer. Etched on the Selenite crystals is a Base-48 Eternal Living Sacred Geomancy. This sacred Eternal-Life code creates an ionic buffer-field around The RASHA®, protecting the space and beings against reverse frequencies, and psychotronic scalar waves. Additionally, the code can be utilized to reverse metatronic frequency transmission, and then use the energy for healing the Elementals in our bodies such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and magnesium.


The RASHA® 720 Triad Technology Upgrades

Spherical Design

The 720 is the newest, and most powerful iteration of The RASHA® Triad Technology. The most noticeable visual upgrade is the shift to a dual-scalar coil design. The allows for a 2x frequency transmission than previous iterations, which contained single-coil designs. Made in the USA, the chassis is created from Military Spec, Highly Conductive, T-6061 Aluminum. The base not only serves as a housing for the technology, but also acts as a powerful amplifier for the Scalar Energy fields that The RASHA® is accessing.

Herkimer Diamonds

Another addition to the 720 is the inclusion of strategically placed Herkimer Diamonds within the dome. These rare “diamonds” originate as double-terminated quartz crystals which are compressed at a high PSI. The unique Herkimer Diamonds were selected due to their high capacity to store, transmit, and receive Information, Consciousness, and Source Frequency.

Organic Consciousness Expansion Mechanism

The powerful frequency transmission properties of Selenite crystals and Herkimer Diamonds are further amplified when combined, working together like a Consciousness Expansion Mechanism. This union of organic materials allows for stronger integration of the Intention, which the Experiencer sets prior to their RASHA® Upgrade.


Audio Electronics

An audiophile headphone amplification system has been implemented into the 720, which drastically improves the sound quality of frequency playback. This cutting-edge, low-noise amplifier features purist circuit topology that results in increased audio dynamic range, and reduces fatigue for longer upgrades. The extended frequency response of the hardware pushes the boundaries of sound further into the infrasound spectrum.




The RASHA® DOME provides an enhanced, protective, private space, 


The complete package of The RASHA® 720 Triad,

ZPG Sound Recliner, and RASHA® DOME is the Cockpit of Co-Creation.

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