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Truth is Always Stranger than Fiction 

What does "RASHA®" mean or stand for?

R (reciprocal) A (antenna) S (scalar) H (harmonization) A (activation): The word "RASHA" means dark-matter template or simply dark-matter in the pre-ancient Anuhazi language, one of the original, first spoken languages in this fifteen-dimensional time matrix. Anuhazi is the pre-ancient predecessor language of the Anasazi ("The Ancient Ones") civilization that thrived from 100 B.C. to 1300 A.D. inhabiting the Four Corners country of southern Utah, southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, and northern Arizona in North America.

What are "scalar waves" ?  

What modern science defines as "scalar" is a very limited 2-dimensional perspective and only describes a condition of scalar energy. Modern scientists do not carry the multidimensional perspective needed to understand what scalar energy truly is. A scalar wave is a transharmonic (multidimensional), spherical, standing wave array that radiates out of a static point of sound-light vibration within the Morphogenetic Field of the Greater Cosmic Unified Field of consciousness (energy). While scalar waves appear to move from place to place, in actuality, they are spherical fixed points of light-sound, sequentially threaded together within the cosmic fabric of the morphogenetic field.  The expression of the scalar wave movement is created through the sequential “flashing on” (light) and “flashing off” (sound) of scalar wave points, which emanate the effect of a flashing linear series of light bulbs. Imagine viewing an electronic advert billboard in Times Square, New York City. Although it appears as if the contents of the electronic billboard are moving, in reality, it is the row of a synchronized series of flashing light bulbs that appears as if the light moves from one point in the row to another. 

How do scalar waves differ from electromagnetic waves?

Scalar waves represent static points of perpetual fission-fusion that radiate from the fabric of the morphogenetic field and do not travel. Electromagnetic waves travel, and the farther the distance traveled, the weaker they become. Professor Konstantin Meyl of Germany has written numerous books about scalar waves. Dr. Meyl described how field vortices form scalar waves. He described how electromagnetic waves (transverse waves) and scalar waves (longitudinal waves) both should be represented in wave equations. For comparison, transverse EM waves are best used for broadcast transmissions like television. In contrast, longitudinal scalar waves are generated through Tesla coils, or our brain generates scalar energy in the form of our thoughts. 

What are "morphogenetic" fields?

Morphogenetic Fields are composed of conscious sound and light matrices (or lattices) that function as cosmic blueprints upon which consciousness manifests and materializes into matter. All forms of consciousness and matter hold a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint consisting of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substances arranged in specific frequency patterns. This includes cosmic, galactic, solar system, planetary, and human bodies. Morphogenetic Fields are also known as scalar fields consisting of interwoven patterns of consciousness that express and form vertical scalar waves. For example, when someone physically loses their arm or leg, sometimes they can still feel it there and this is known as feeling pain in their "phantom" limb. In reality, they are feeling the morphogenetic energy field of their lost limb.

What is the Unified Field?

The Unified Field is the living energy substance composed of geometrical "fabrics" or grids of electro-tonal, electromagnetic energy called Source Particle Grids  that serve as a template of light spectra and sound tones upon which particle and antiparticle structures are formed and through which all things in the cosmos are energetically connected.  Within the 15-dimensional Unified Field, the morphogenetic field creates structures of multidimensional electromagnetic energy (EM), around and through which the matter form will manifest.  These multidimensional EM fields are collectively referred as the bio-energetic system or the Auric Field of a manifest form. Like the true substance of the human body and consciousness, the Unified Field exists as a quantity of dimensionalized field of Energy Signatures, within which a vast number of conscious constructs exist. The human body organism is one such construct of consciousness, and through its inherent form, the energy signatures of the other scalar forms are translated into perceptual data.

What is Dis-ease (or Vibrational Discord)?

Within the multidimensional framework of Morphogenetic Field Physics, all conditions of dis-ease are the direct result and manifestation of vibrational discord or inconsistency of individual consciousness within the Unified Source Field. The collective vibrational discord (also known as Miasmic Body) within the morphogenetic field becomes holographically projected into the physical body, mind and 3-dimensional life experience through the inherent natural laws of multidimensional energetic manifestation. These distortions are called "miasms" and the perpetual manifestations of these vibrational distortions is called "Karma". 

What is Electromagnetic Energy (or Electromagnetic Radiation)?

Electromagnetic energy is created through the continual cycling of energy, as the omni-polar, ante-matter, tri-tone wave (the original Source Particle) of sound vibration projects its energy into bi-polar base magnetic (Source Particle -) and base electrical (Source Particle +) scalar waves of Light Radiation. Energy thrust expands into the base electrical Source Particle + vibration point as "electrical force". It then contracts into the base magnetic Source Particle - vibration point, creating magnetic pull, (in relation to its original electric thrust), as the third vibration in the ante-matter, tri-tone wave (the original Source Particle) draws the energy back to its source. This process by which Source Particle units perpetually convert conscious energy into "Bipolar Light Radiation Scalar Waves"(expansion) and back into "Omni-polar Sound Vibration Tri-tone Waves" (contraction) is called Source Particle Phasing.

What is Source Particle Phasing?

The original Source Particle (SP), the first unit of consciousness, is omni-polar: it has within itself the potential for all polarity or none. When it does what is called phasing, it replicates itself to hold the original position, then splits into two smaller units, Source Particle 1 (SP-1/particle) , which has a negative charge and gives rise to magnetic energy forms and Source Particle 2 (SP+2/anti-particle) that has positive charge and gives rise to electrical energy forms. Source Particle Phasing is the process by which Source Particle units perpetually convert conscious energy into bi-polar  (Source Particle 1 base magnetic and Source Particle 2 base electrical), light radiation scalar-waves (expansion) and back into omni-polar sound vibration tri-tone (Source Particle) waves (contraction) is called Source Particle Phasing. Through perpetual cycles of Source Particle Phasing, matter units "flash on" through fission, into bi-polar particle and anti-particle manifestation build upon scalar-waves of light radiation, then "flash off" through fusion, into omni-polar ante-matter sound vibration, continually cycling energy between the manifest and non-manifest state.

What is Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS)?

The angle of the axis upon which the sub-atomic particles rotate. ARPS is determined by the core rate of internal fission-fusion (Merkaba Field speed and axis angle) with the fixed Source Particle units that form the scalar-standing-wave template of the dimensional frequency fields. The rate of particle fission, oscillation and Merkaba Field spin rate, increases upward through the Dimensional Scale creating progressively less-dense state of matter. A planet progression through one time continuum creates a 45° shift in the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS). In order to understand the dynamics involved in such time continuum shift, it is helpful to realize that the structure and illusion of linear time is created through the pulsation rate of particles and their relationship to that of other particles.  It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and antiparticle spin (ARPS) that multiple reality fields (Harmonic Universes - HU) can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process, the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which it moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases. This is the process of evolution through the 15-dimensional scale. ARPS determines the matter density level of each Harmonic Universe or Reality Field. 



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