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“Your group's dedication and drive to help others is felt and appreciated.

Look forward to knowing you more as we all expand and grow together this year”


 “Rasha is working really well. Continuous use seems to be the key to results. My body is responding really well to it. Like a subtle path that leads to a deep result. My skin (Psoriasis) is finally healing! I’m pretty much there. I think the Rasha really helped with the deeper reprogramming”

"I personally love my experience. I feel the effects in every  area of my life.. in terms of my ability to simply feel the navigation of life with a lot more ease moment to moment. I consistently sleep better,  I am more focused, have more sustained energy.  It is difficult to articulate because it is subtle.  My closest friends tell me they can see and feel a difference." 

"I feel like it's probably the quickest way I can get relaxed. The Rasha got me there really fast, because I would normally get the same results after one hour meditation, relaxation and yoga."


"I lost the sensation of time and of who I am in a very beautiful way."


"I don't really know how to describe it, it was just like extreme relaxation, I guess. More than that, I typically feel another level of relaxation, this time I felt almost like I was out of my body. Overall it made me feel pretty incredible."


"I felt like a release of tension in my whole body and a feeling of deep surrender."


"It was like I got hot and then tingly and then cold and I felt like I was breathing like better than I've ever breathed before."


"I felt how the frequencies were really communicating to my DNA, giving me a sense of levitation, while mind was sharply focused and I was able to stabilize visions that I want to manifest and materialize with clarity."


"My brain loved it, I genuinely feel more intelligent, more coherent, more focused and present within myself and with others."


"It took me quickly to my favourite place to be. In perfect stillness and deep relaxation."


"Each Rasha session to me is like an intimate conversation with my infinite potential self."

“Being able to feel my body in this way brought me to tears”


“I was so relaxed - floating in space”


“I knew it was time to release something I’d held on to for too long” 


“The most interesting green light was flashing BEHIND my brain”


“My third eye was sparking”


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Luke Storey

-The Lifestyle Podcast | Episode #309


Luke Storey host of The Lifestyle Podcast interviews Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio Ph.D. at Cuixmala in Jalisco, Mexico.

casa cuixmala_02 - photography by davis

You can join Dr. Jere, Luke Storey, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Robert Slovak in our upcoming retreat The Healing Power Of Energy Retreat at

Cuixmala, Mexico (Jan 30, 2021 – Feb 6, 2021)

Jere Unfiltered

-Podcast of the RASHA creator Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio