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Prof. Konstantin Meyl 

Longitudinal Scalar Waves

Dr. Jere's Scientific Research Paper - Scalar Energy
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Until recently, the ideas behind many of Tesla's most innovative inventions were shrouded in mystery but recently, a German physicist has developed an elegant theory that derives much of Tesla's work.

Professor Konstantin Meyl has a background in electrical engineering and field physics. His extensive knowledge of Eddy Currents made him wonder about vortices in electromagnetic theory, specifically with regard to Tesla's work. 

Dr. Meyl discovered a fundamental mistake in Maxwell's Equations. By fixing these equations, Meyl was able to elegantly derive Tesla's results as well as explain many other unexplained physical effects in science. Meyl's theory, like all good theories, explain all current results but is able to extend scientific explanation to include results that were previously outside the theory. 

By beginning with Faraday's law of induction as an axiom, Meyl derived relevant properties of the new concept of electric vortices. The potential vortex which Meyl derives propagates as a scalar wave through space; it is a longitudinal electric wave whose properties have already been established a century ago by Nicola Tesla. Professor Meyl has used these principles to develop development kits that can replicate some of Tesla's most fundamental work in energy transmission through space.

​The consequences of Meyl's theory are profound; they prove that free space has an abundant supply of energy and if developed properly as envisioned by Tesla a century ago, can result in environmentally benign clean energy for humanity - at a time when it is desperately needed.  It is further Meyl’s opinion that the longitudinal energy wave, which he refers to as a scalar wave, is also known as neutrino radiation, orgone radiation, or tachyons, among others. 

DNA Communicate Via Magnetic Scalar Wave


How does genetic information travel from one cell to another? 
According to Dr. Prof. Konstantin Meyl, the DNA generates a scalar wave (longitudinal wave) that propagates in the directions of the magnetic field vector. Cellular communication between cells occurs when one cell sends the read information and imprints it to the other cell. 

Hydrogen bonds hold together through Coulomb forces electrically polarized base pairs in a DNA strand. To gain access to this polarization, the hydrogen bonds must be separated, requiring radial outward electric field lines or, a vortex field. Since the magnetic field vector is perpendicular to the electric vertical field, a resulting axial direction to the DNA strand is a logical consequence. The motion of the vortex field in the direction of the magnetic field results in a longitudinal wave forming a so-called “magnetic scalar wave”.

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