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The RASHA Technology

Jere Unfiltered Podcast
2nd Year
Anniversary Special

Featuring Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg

Season 2 Episode 12

Join Dr. Jere in this Jere Unfiltered 2nd Anniversary Special, Featuring Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg.

Jenny shares her life’s journey to higher consciousness, happiness, and integration, and explores her new experiences as a RASHA Guardian!

The RASHA Technology

The RASHA is the world’s only Eternal-Life, Base-12, consciousness-coherence, brain optimization, chakra clearing/harmonization, psycho-emotional transmutation, & relaxation technology.

The RASHA is a true scalar plasma energy device with the most advanced base-12 frequency collection that protects, enhances and harmonizes the autonomic nervous system by relieving stressors, transmuting negative habitual patterns, supporting relaxation, cellular detoxification and healing from electro-smog and geopathic stress.


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