The RASHA is the only D.A.R.P.A-inspired, Tesla Quantum Access technology available in the public sector! It is an authentic scalar-plasma-sound system designed to assist the biological, human organism to achieve stress release and relaxation in order to reclaim its innate ability to self-heal. This is achieved via harmonization of the autonomic nervous system, brain hemisphere synchronization, emotional trauma release and systematic chakra realignment.

​The RASHA was created by Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. and combines the brilliant technologies of Nikola Tesla, Antoine Priorie' and Dr. Royal Rife into one integrative quantum self-healthcare system. In addition, as per Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl’s published research and experiments in magnetic scalar waves being the communication language of the introns (potential DNA), our RASHA technology transmits vital information via the magnetic vector of the scalar field to the magnetic, major groove in between the double helix of our DNA.

The RASHA is controlled by one of the most advanced scalar and Rife frequency generating software technology, RASHA Base-12 Frequencies. When operated and activated via the software, selected frequencies (transverse waves) are transmitted through the dual scalar spiral coils that are then pulsed causing excitation of the the proprietary customs gas blend in the plasma gas tube creating a powerful, magnetic scalar field. Plasma can transform transverse waves into longitudinal, scalar waves. Additionally, plasmas can also create phase conjugate waves or time-reversed waves. 

The RASHA is hand constructed and tested by a former NASA systems and electrical engineer. 

About the Creator:

Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. is an inventor, quantum morphogenetic physics expert with a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jere specializes in advanced scalar-plasma energy technologies, quantum morphogenetic field physics and the larger paradigm of science known as the 15-Dimensional Unified Field Physics. Currently, Dr. Jere is currently obtaining his genetics and genomics certificate  at Stanford University. Dr. Jere has several  paradigm-disruptive, peer-reviewed published papers at the International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER).

Dr. Jere is the president of The GC Rivera Foundation, a non-profit medical-surgical-autism organisation as well as founder of The BioRegenesis Conference.  He is also co-owner of Bridgeway Senior Care Center in Bridgewater, NJ. He has lectured and presented his research findings at Fran Drescher's Health Summit, The Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, The Best Answer for Cancer Conferences and Autism One. 

In 2000, Jere underwent a powerful near-death experience (NDE) that shifted his consciousness from a 3-dimensional to a multidimensional perceptual understanding of First Creation Physics and the formation of morphogenetic scalar fields. Unlike modern day researchers who base their theories on 3-dimensional experiments, during his near-death experience (NDE) Jere experienced the true nature of dark matter, morphogenetic fields, which hold the blueprint upon which units of consciousness create our holographic reality.

Dr. Rivera-Dugenio is currently based in NV | USA.

Dr. Jere was honored with the Future of Medicine Award 

at the "Doctors Who Rock" Conference by Kelly Gallagher

Rasha Advisory Board

Isso Kimura PhD., DDS.​ majored in Anatomy. As the driving force for holistic medicine and heavy metal detoxification in Japan, he has taught over 500 doctors his heavy metal detoxification method, “removal of safe amalgam by USRA method” ( He holds the highest record of mercury amalgam treatment in Japan. He is a founder of High concentration Vitamin C IV Therapy study group Japan. ( He founded Rasha Institute Japan (, a research group organized by Japanese doctors applying quantum mechanics to medical care. He published Japanese book for Quinton marine therapy.( Dr. Kimura is medical advisor of professional MMA and boxing.

Robert Slovak, a degreed Mechanical and Astronautical Engineer, has over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, specializing in membrane separation technology and products. Robert and his late-brother, Jack Slovak, are considered the pioneers in reverse-osmosis water technology. He is the founder of Water and Wellness and is also responsible for bringing Original Quinton ​Marine Plasma water into North America. His career included a “significant contribution” to the POU (Point-of-Use) and commercial/institutional RO (Reverse Osmosis) industry, especially in the area of system design, application knowledge, and technical training.

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